Saturday, 9 July 2011

Aaron Rodger walpaper

Michael Irvin (MI): And I was the first to say after watching Aaron Rodgers step on that field in Dallas TWO years ago – I came in the next day and said “Ooh, oh my God, do you see what GB has.” And everybody thought I was crazy then, ‘cuz when you stepped on the field Aaron, and you started bringing the Packers back against the Cowboys I said Oh get him off the field and bring Brett back in so we could win this game. And from that day on I thought they shoulda made the move THEN to Aaron Rodgers.

KK: Yeah, and that’s exactly right. He did say that.

MI: And let this team grow as a young team together with a nucleus and move forward and do great things herein. Aaron Rodgers it’s a pleasure to have you on the Michael Irvin show man.Aaaron Rodgers (AR): I’m glad one of you guys actually likes me.

MI: Yeah!

KK: Now don’t go there. It’s not like or dislike. I thought you’re a terrific quarterback. I just thought they shoulda kept Brett another year because –

MI: Aww, stop it, stop it.

AR: Where were you between like…March, and June?

KK: How do you mean? What, when he was retiring?

MI: When he was retired, came back, retired, came back, retired.

KK: I was feeling that Brett Favre, and I don’t want this to be about me, I want this to be about you–

AR: Well you’re the one talking.

KK: — but I thought that Brett Favre had the right –

MI: The right!?

KK: — to do whatever he wanted to do.

MI: The right?

KK: That was my feeling. What was your feeling on that Aaron?

MI: It amazes me – the right!? – isn’t, what, aren’t we’re talking about football teams?

KK: He earned the right to do in Green Bay anything he wanted to do – he wanted to retire, unretired, yes, no, yeh eh, when it’s time to play ball, if he wanted to come back and play ball, he should have been allowed to play
MI: What was the relationship like with you, uh, and Brett?AR: It does. How can it not affect it? I mean, when he flew into Green Bay the day after—or the day of the Family Night scrimmage, I mean that was…talk about an awkward locker room. I mean, I’ve been the guy since March, you know? And then everybody’s like well okay, what’s gonna happen? Brett’s gonna come back, he’s gonna be the guy?

Or Aaron’s gonna be the guy? Or they’ll compete for the job? Nobody knowing what’s going on, of course that’s going to affect your football team.

MI: How can that not affect your football team? How can you say – and I’m asking you this Aaron – to find out; he’s in, he’s out, he’s in, he’s out, he’s in, he’s out, he’s in, he’s out, how can – how can that not – how does that affect your football team?

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