Monday, 25 July 2011

Tiger Woods Wallpaper

The journey of Tiger Woods from golf prodigy to golf professional began at age 2, when he was already learning to swing from his athletic and influential dad, Earl Woods. By 5, he already attained more television exposure than most adults could hope to amass in their lifetimes, thanks to a TV golf match on The Mike Douglas Show against the legendary Bob Hope, and further appearances on That's Incredible and Golf Digest. Seeking further inspiration, he began playing motivational tapes while honing his golf swing in his bedroom mirror. The added practice paid off. Able to score 80 by the age of 8, he became a regular participant in the Junior World Golf Championships, which he won four straight times. As a teenager, the budding superstar would impress golf legend Jack Nicklaus at a golf event and play in a youth tournament with future golf star John Daly.

Tiger Woods is a living and breathing golf genius. Of that, there is no doubt. An elite combination of power, finesse and athletic prowess, he single-handedly redefined the game of golf and made it his own through a countless number of exciting tournament victories. The high-profile multimillion dollar endorsements haven't hurt either. While Tiger Woods has continued his mastery of the PGA into the new decade, he has become equally famous for his shocking infidelities. His scandalous forays with women have left a permanent stain on his once squeaky-clean image and have also reminded the rest of us of how bad text messaging and voice mail habits can irreparably harm a marriage. All eyes will be on Tiger this April when he returns to the sport that made him famous at the Masters in Augusta.

Golf has been one of life's cornerstones for Tiger Woods since he was a toddler, and his continued success has placed him among the greats of the game and among the most successful athletes of all time. To date, he has amassed over 70 PGA victories and won at 14 majors, including 4 each at the PGA Championship and the Masters, respectively. His success also extends into the realm of endorsements, which -- when coupled with his string of professional golf earnings and accolades -- have made him the first athlete to earn over a billion dollars over the course of his career.
So what are the keys to success for the unstoppable golf force known as Tiger Woods? On the green, his strengths come from his long driving skills, solid iron play and clutch putting abilities. His consistency is second to none and he is adept at capitalizing on the mistakes of his competitors, because he rarely makes them himself. As one of the golf world's most dedicated professionals, he practices his game for hours at a time and he's also a dedicated all-around athlete to boot, with the ability to bench-press a solid 300 pounds. In addition to his wide array of physical advantages, Tiger Woods is just a smart player with an unwavering playing attitude that makes him intimidating and incredibly effective when it counts.

After Gatorade and Gillette, Tiger Woods loses another endorsement: his Accenture contract as spokesperson is off too. The global management services company that used Woods for their ads dropped him too. "Given the circumstances of the last two weeks, after careful consideration and analysis, the company has determined that he is no longer the right representative for its advertising. Accenture said that it wishes only the best for Tiger Woods and his family", it is said in Accenture's statement.
It seems that just Nike remains faithful for the golf player. This way, the champion who's about to take "an indefinite break " from the sports that made him famous, may learn something about loyalty.

The former world leader Tiger Woods decided to end the collaboration with his assistant Steve Williams after 12 years since they first formed a team. The Woods-Williams not only that were very tight, but it was very successful also.
Tiger Woods had 13 major titles in his career having Steve Williams beside him. Woods announced the end of the collaboration with an official statement from his website in which he thanks Williams for all his support.
More, he said that he is very grateful for everything that he done for him but he thinks it is time for a change into his professional life. Steve Williams was an impeccable caddie and a very close friend, Woods added and he said also that he wishes Williams a lot of success in his future.

This is how it end the statement that forced Steve Williams to make a revealing regarding their collaboration from the last year. The former Tiger Woods ‘caddie reacted very quickly with an answer also on the personal website.
He said that in the shadow of the new changes into Tiger Woods life and all the circumstances in which they worked together in the last 18 month, with his personal scandal, the hiring of a new coach and the major change of his playing style, he declared himself very disappointed and he is very sorry that this collaboration ends in this way.
Woods didn’t participate at a professional pour from Masters, when he was injured at the Achilles tendon and this incident worth him the participation at US Open and The Open Championship.
The last victory of the American player in a major tour was in 2008, when he imposed at US Open and the last success in the circuit was in November 2009, when he finished the Master of Australia as a winner. In 2009, the journalists published the fortune that Steve Williams raised in all this time in which he was Tiger Woods ‘caddie.
At that time, Williams had a fortune of 20 million dollars, an amount that is on the same step with the American player’s fortune. Before working with Woods, in 1999, Williams also collaborated with Greg Norman and Raymond Floyd.
According to the press, from every victory, Williams had almost two million Euros on year, excluding the advertising contracts. A caddy is the man that carries the player’s golf stick. He is a very good versed man of the field that analyses everything regarding the game, from the main rivals until the meteorological conditions.

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