Monday, 11 July 2011

Ashley Cole Fotballer

Ashley Cole the dumbest man on the planet. Fresh from England’s disastrous World Cup campaign in South Africa you would think this guy would lie low and keep his mouth shut, but no Ashley Cole goes out of his way to irritate the English people further, some of which have stood by him through thick and thin.

Cole who has been in the Headlines for months over his failed marriage to arguably the sexiest woman in the world, after he was caught sending explicit pictures of himself to one of his several mistresses. But this time he has gone further to suggest he is the dumbest man on the planet by leaving a message on his Blackberry for his status up-date to his on-line friends saying: “I hate England and the F…..g people”. Which suggests to me he definitely is the dumbest person on the planet.

England fans have reacted in fury with some sending him death threats and who would blame them. Fans have also told how he will be taunted and abused across England, should he still be a Premier League player next season.

On-line forums have been swamped by messages actively venting their anger at the Defender. One message read: ” I’d like to burn the little B…..d to a crisp. While another read: “If you hate the Country so much then F..k off somewhere else”.

Cole defended his comments stating: “I always try my hardest for England and Chelsea but the intrusion and pressure I feel is making my life hell”.

Cole’s statement further proves how dumb he is instead of apologising to the fans he defends his actions with a dumb excuse typical.

ashley cole
Cole signed a one year extension to his contract on 18 July 2005, but a year later departed from the club in acrimonious circumstances. On 15 July 2006, Cole launched a verbal attack on Arsenal; in his autobiography, quoted in The Sun, Cole claimed that the Arsenal board had treated him as a "scapegoat" and that they had "fed him to the sharks" over the tapping up affair. Cole was deliberately left out of Arsenal's 2006-07 team photograph, refuelling press speculation that he would become a Chelsea player.

On 28 July, Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein had confirmed that Arsenal and Chelsea had been in "civil talks" about the player. Chelsea insisted they would not raise their £16million bid for the left back, but Arsenal held out for at a higher valuation of £25million. Negotiations continued throughout August and looked to be heading for deadlock, but eventually Cole signed for Chelsea on August 31 for a fee of £5million, with William Gallas also going the other way. The deal was closed after the transfer window had officially ended, and was not confirmed until an hour and a half after the deadline had passed.

A black cab driver who took Cheryl Cole home once, told me that when he got to Cole mansions, he saw a strange man lurking around the manor. He shouted “Careful of that guy- he looks dodgy”, as Her Royal Majesty, “Nation’s Sweetheart” stepped out and made to enter. “Don’t worry” she reportedly chirped nonchalantly. That “dodgy” guy was Ashley Cole, Cheryl’s husband. Whether this was because Ashley Cole had a generally dodgy demeanour or whether it was the fact that he was a black man hanging around a posh house, I do not know but what I do know is that he seems to have a chronic case of an almost pulmonary hate-attack.

Even Facebook users have got in on the action- the group I hate Child Rapists has 171 members, , the group “Ashley Cole, what a wanker!” has over 90,000. The jokes are relentlessly cruel. I recently read one that went: “Ashley Cole goes to borrow a book on suicide, what does the librarian say? Keep it Keep it”. Fans want blood- on football discussion boards they say that they want his eyeballs out and that he deserves to die a slow death. Yes, I kid you not. A lot of people I know say they have “haters”. They make me laugh. No one is hated as much as poor Ashley.

I had not realised it was that serious because the allegations that follow Ashley are not any different to the allegations faced by many other Premiership footballers, notably David Beckham, the demi-God, when he was accused of bedding Rebecca Loos. It was curious then that the British media blamed Victoria- she was the one who refused to move to Spain, she looked too fake in her too long hair extensions and she was too skinny. There was no mob baying for a divorce. Victoria was encouraged to look beyond the alleged affair. As a forceful retort, we saw her 9 months later, bloomingly pregnant They then moved to the USA to live in wedded unperturbed matrimonial bliss. Even Wayne Rooney, who most women could not bear to shag (even if he asked nicely) cheated on then girlfriend Coleen with a prostitute. More recently, John Terry has been accused of bedding the mother of his team-mate’s son and forcing her to have an abortion. He also tried to gag the press not to speak about the matter via a super injunction. Indeed, he was stripped of the captaincy due to the controversy, but he was also given “compassionate leave” to sort the matter out on a sun drenched beach in Dubai and his forgiving doormat wife posed lovingly. By way of contrast, Ashley allegedly tried to cheat on Cheryl with a woman in a cheap Primark dress (he was too sick to be really successful) and sent a couple of nude pictures. When there were further allegations that he actually cheated with five other women, he got fined by Chelsea and was publicly divorced by his wife, mere days before the World Cup.

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