Sunday, 10 July 2011

Alex Rodriguez Walpaper

Rodriguez puts up this facade in public that he's this prim and proper guy, but then he goes around and does exactly the opposite, at least when - supposedly - no one has their eyes on him. Then he's shocked when people find out he's scumbag and he tries to play it off with another interview or some other PR-related BS. Am I really supposed to believe he only did steroids for those three years in Texas? And am I supposed to believe his admission was sincere? Hell no. This prick has never been truthful about anything in his life. I'm not even sure he himself knows who he is, since he's constantly trying to be two people at once.

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Alex Rodriguez

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Why is He famous

Alex Rodriguez was the first player picked in baseball's 1993 draft. In 1999, he was named one of People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People, gaining instant recognition from women worldwide. In 2000, Alex Rodriguez signed with the Texas Rangers for the richest contract ever doled out in the history of baseball. However, after three frustrating years in Texas -- despite an MVP award in 2003 -- the Rangers shipped A-Rod, and his mammoth contract, to the New York Yankees, once again thrusting the star into the spotlight.

Alex Rodriguez Quote

" Why do people sing 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame' when they're already there?"

85 Magnetism

Alex Rodriguez is adored by millions of female fans around the world. He is a heartthrob in Latin America as well as in the United States. His attractive features have helped his status as one of the best-looking men in the sports world. And according to a female panelist, A-Rod's green eyes give him another unique characteristic women are drawn to.

Women love a man that dresses impeccably, is ambitious and good-looking, and has an aptitude for something. Alex Rodriguez is all of these things. One quick search on the internet will reveal that there are more than a few websites dedicated to him -- run by women, mind you.

He might have been married to psychology prof Cynthia Scurtis, but rumors swirled in 2008 when allegations came out stating A-Rod was having an affair with the Material Girl, Madonna.

86 Success

Alex Rodriguez is very well known in South America, where he has a lucrative endorsement deal with Nike.

Although the same endorsement recognition has not materialized in America, A-Rod has made a name for himself by picking up numerous awards and accolades, including Gatorade's National Student Athlete of the Year, runner-up in the 1996 MVP voting, the youngest shortstop to ever play in the All-Star classic, becoming the third player ever to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases, be a 12-time All-Star, and win his 10th Silver Slugger award in 2008. He was also the 2003, 2005 and 2007 American League MVP.

Naturally, the accomplishment that he is most known for (especially by the media) is having signed a 10-year $252 million contract in 2000, the richest contract in the history of baseball. While his three years in Texas proved fruitless, the lure of a Championship -- and the fact that only the Yankees could afford him -- sent him to the Bronx on Valentine's Day weekend in 2004.

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